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Accomplished Florida Immigration Lawyers Defend Clients’ Rights

Compassionate advisers with offices in Orlando and Miami

Immigration to the United States offers millions of people around the world a life-changing opportunity. Unfortunately, long and complicated legal requirements often discourage those who try, and that should not be the case. At the Maiorova Law Group PLLC, we are dedicated advocates who devote our practice entirely to immigration matters. That concentration allows us to provide knowledgeable advice on a complete range of issues relating to immigration, including help for those who seek to come to the US from another country, and those who are currently in the US, fighting their deportation cases. From our offices in Orlando and Miami, our lawyers work with a diverse group of clients from numerous countries. Importantly, we can assist with your immigration matter, whether you reside in Florida, in any other state of the US, or even in another country. Whether you’re looking to start a life in America because of family or employment ties or you’re being persecuted in your homeland and forced to flee, the Maiorova Law Group delivers skilled representation with emphasis on individually-tailored legal strategies and empathy.

Innovative law firm assists people seeking to live in the United States

Our firm has the legal and personal background to give you the support you need through the long immigration process. As an immigrant to the United States from St. Petersburg, Russia, Managing Partner Ksenia Maiorova draws on first-hand knowledge of the process and delivers compassionate representation in guiding clients through each step. People from around the world who seek to immigrate to the United States know they can count on our:

  • Experience — We are fully licensed to represent clients before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Immigration Court, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Board of Immigration Appeals and in Federal Court. Our Partners have more than 30 years of combined experience handling cases before these agencies and courts, and we draw on that experience to maximize the chances of a positive result.
  • Integrity — The Maiorova Law Group understands the problems that many immigration applicants face from unscrupulous agents, notaries, and other individuals who are not licensed attorneys and who break the law by providing legal advice and legal services. Our licensed lawyers are all members in good standing with their respective Bar and are committed to delivering ethical counsel at all times.
  • Results — Even in complicated cases involving removal orders and criminal convictions, we have been able to help individuals overcome unfavorable decisions to get the chance that they deserve to build a permanent and successful life in the United States.

No matter what your legal issue might be, the Maiorova Law Group never forgets the enormous impact that these cases have on people’s lives. Our advocacy is always provided in an emotionally supportive and respectful environment.

Knowledgeable counselors provide full-service immigration representation

The Maiorova Law Group represents clients in all types of matters relating to immigration and residency in the United States, including:

  • Investor Immigration – within our Investor Immigration practice, headed by our Russian-speaking Managing Partner, Ksenia Maiorova, we create solutions for investors and entrepreneurs to obtain green cards and visas to the US. Attorney Maiorova, who previously worked as a Corporate Finance lawyer in one of the world’s largest law firms, uses her corporate experience to tailor strategic investor immigration solutions for small business owners and high net worth individuals alike.
  • Extraordinary Ability/Sports Immigration – Our Extraordinary Ability/Sports Immigration practice area focuses on the diligent and skillful representation of some of the world’s leading specialists in their respective field. Our clients include Olympic Track & Field athletes, world-leading marathoners, and renowned authors, among others.
  • Removal defense —  Maiorova Law Group Partner Gerard Lazzara has more than 20 years experience in  Removal Defense,  also known as deportation defense. Even when deportation seems likely, our lawyers draw on their knowledge and experience to build a strong case on your behalf.
  • Family-based immigration — The Maiorova Law Group assists with Family-based Immigration for individuals who are seeking to sponsor relatives for permanent residence in the United States. Our family-based immigration practice also involves extensive work with Waivers, green cards for victims of Domestic Violence and other serious crimes, as well as a growing niche practice of handling previously denied I-751’s.
  • Asylum  — If you have been persecuted in your home country on account of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, we can help you get the full protection of US laws through asylum.
  • Employment-based immigration — Our firm provides skilled representation for Employment-based Immigration matters. Whether you are seeking temporary employment in the US on a TN visa or an H1-B, or a green card through Labor Certification, we can assist you in navigating the complex statutory and regulatory regime.

Even if your immigration problem seems overwhelming, do not hesitate to call. We can discuss the legal aspects of your situation and work toward a cost-effective solution that eases your stress.

Contact a diligent Florida immigration lawyer

The Maiorova Law Group PLLC helps clients with a full range of immigration and citizenship matters. Please call 407-705-3345 or contact us online to schedule a meeting. We have offices in Orlando and Miami as well as the technological capability to assist clients from around the world.

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